In this business there is a demand for teak of superior quality and we are there to help you meet that demand.

Our teak lumber is always of the highest grade and each order is hand-selected and twice-inspected before shipping. We provide teak lumber in vertical grain, mixed grain, or flat grain; and our teak lumber can be provided rough, surfaced, edged, or precision-milled to your exact specification.We source our teak independently and globally, selecting only logs that meet our high standards and specifications. By controlling our own supply chain from forest to mill, we are able to consistently provide the finest logs, lumber, and teak decking to our customers.

Our company mills a large volume of superior-quality solid teak marine decking.


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Normal Lead Time:
45 days for Lumber. 90 days for Decking.
Payment Condition:
For custom sizes TT in advance when place an order balance CAD.

Cancellation Fee:
As by contract.

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20 Collyer Quay #23-01 049319 Singapore

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EUTR Regulation 995/2010

Download Timber Regulation and Due Diligence Compliance about Myanmar teak


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Users of wood are often unaware of the enormous difficulties involved in procuring timber. Mti Holding has procurement personnel and offices, strategically placed at source. The advantages to Mti Holding 's customers and suppliers cannot be over emphasized. Procurement personnel are specialists well versed in local conditions and customs. They have in depth knowledge and expertise in sourcing, grading and the preparation of hardwood products. Contract monitoring and quality control play a vital role in eliminating the enormous costs incurred when substandard timber is shipped. It minimizes the risks and enables Mti Holding to offer its buyers the best value for money. It is equally valuable to suppliers if quality deficiencies are identified prior to shipment to ensure that the various grades produced go to the correct markets.

Sustainable Purchasing

Teak is one of nature’s most durable woods and its supply is limited.Therefore, the challenge is to conserve it.From cutting and milling our own logs to the final finish details, we ensure the maximum utilization of every piece of lumber. As a company, we have always tried to source our materials as environmentally friendly as possible. Our business partnerships with Myanma Timber Enterprise have been forged over decades.The relationships we have developed with M.T.E. and customers have enabled us to provide clear information about the source of our timber products.Understanding and managing the impact we have on the environment and striving for continuous improvement is a significant part of our overall approach to doing business responsibly.